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Enjoy deceleration of life and explore new values and environments:


Qi Gong is this – and much more.

Qi Gong (pronounce „Tchi-gong“) allows you through motion, breath and regardful meditation picking up Qi – the energy of life –, activating, and storing it. Qi Gong is easy and safe to learn and to apply. Nevertheless, Qi Gong is a highly effective tool to gain well-being, wisdom and enlightenment. You’ll be able to access this energy and use its forces after a couple of lessons only.

Cultivating of body and soul brings harmony into your personal energy of life. Qi Gong is one of the five columns in the Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM and is accredited to provide self-healing forces. Grandmasters of Qi Gong are known for healing other people too.

In everyday life Qi Gong is ideal to put down a counterpoint to the rhythm of life: it becomes obvious why Qi Gong is ingredient and base of many esoteric programmes.

Use Qi Gong for yourself!

With Qi Gong you can increase quality of life, gain new insights, reduce stress consciously and purposefully, and obviate burn-out – or to support a burn-out therapy.

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