Grandmaster Xu Mingtang

Grandmaster Xu Mingtang Grossmeister Xu Mingtang

Xu Mingtang was born in 1963 in the Chinese province Henan. He was raised in a reknown family of doctors of many famous healers and martial arts performer. Since centuries, the family is in close contact with the Shaolin Monastery. His ancestors Prince Kimnara as one of the most important Hu Fa (spiritual guard and protector) of the Shaolin Monastery. Already in his early years Xu Mingtang was taught by his grandparents, his father and later also by other masters in TCM, Qi Gong and Kung Fu. At the age of 14 he medicated patients by himself. 1991 he began teaching Zhong Yuan Qi Gong first in Russia, later in the whole world. Gradnmaster Xu Mingtang is the line holder of the Zhong Yuan Qi Gong tradition. He is a worldwide respected Qi Gong master and healer as well as vice president of the „The World Academic Society of Medical Qi Gong“.

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