The demands you make on yourself as well as the demands by your surroundings today are on a high level – not matter whether at work, as family manager, in education or in social life. Even kids and teens are increasingly exposed to such demands.

Build up resilience, decrease stress

Simplified, resilience is the ability to cope and work through situations of strain and crisis by initiating a positive development through resorting to personal and social resources.

Qi Gong provides a number of tools to build up and increase your resilience. The key elements are the abilities to absorb, activate and store Qi – the energy of life – through movement, breathing and meditation. Concentration on yourself and the Qi already calms your inner down during churning, stressful situations.

In your job an private life

If you are facing demanding, emotional and stressful situations in your job – as doctors, nurses, in customer-support, authorities, employment offices, management and therapist – or if you’re facing disruption in your private life – such as divorce, illness, death of a loved one and loss of job – you usually need more strength than you can constantly raise.

Qi Gong is your way to build up and maintain the energy of life. Calm and security gained out of Qi Gong allows you to encounter situations and decisions with the required peace and candour.

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