Seminars in groups

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Seminars in groups

Seminar: 1. Level Zhong Yuan Qi Gong

Intensive seminar, you’ll be introduced into Qi Gong going through several levels. With this you can practice Qi Gong by your own.
Everybody can complete this seminar, even children (depending on their attention span).

  • Physical relaxation
  • Mental relaxation
  • Perceiving and controlling Qi
  • Ying- and Yang energy balancing
  • How to recover in a short time
  • Reaching and experiencing other states on consciousness
  • Dedicated absorption of Qi and filling the meridians with Qi
  • Self-healing
  • Harmonizing body and mind
  • Training of your mind and amplifying imagination
  • Activation and development of the lower Dan Tian (energetic centre)
  • Converting of sexual energy into Qi
  • Development of additional special meridians
  • Expansion of perception


Sprache: English / Germanh
Duration: total about 10 hours

Standard seminar: 6 days of 1.5-2h; practicing at home
Weekends: 2 consecutive days; practicing at home
ideal also as team weekend experience

Dates: on request
Prices: 420 Swiss Francs; (Deduction for students, pensioner)
Trial lessons: on request, 40.- CHF


Relieve for medical conditions and healing

In China, Qi Gong in known for centuries to successfully bring relieve for medical conditions and to heal various illnesses. Elements out of Qi Gong are successfully used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM throughout Europe.
During the Qi Gong seminar you’ll discover how to build up sustainable well-being. On top of it you’ll be taught when and how self-healing can be applied. You always have to visit a registered medical specialist with an illness of any kind, though. Despite the positive and healing effects of Qi Gong being acknowledged by academic medicine, we are not allowed to promote Qi Gong as “illness healing” due to legal reasons.

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